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Welcome to ACAD-Plus!
ACAD-Plus specializes in Drawing/Document Management solutions and CAD optimization for the Facilities Management environment. Our Document Management solutions provide consistent document and drawing storage with security, version control, viewing, printing, and redlining. Customers use this system to store and manage millions of drawings, scanned prints, digital photos, operations manuals, and other related project documents.
Services We Provide

From Document Management and Facilities Management to development of CAD standards and procedures, ACAD-Plus excels at helping our customers implement best-in-class solutions and maximizing productivity. 

Products We Offer

We deploy BlueCielo's Meridian for your document and content management solution, FMG-Plus for integrating your CAD drawings and databases, and The PlotPlan Software for Home Builder's plot plan generation. 

Our Company

ACAD-Plus has been in business since 1986. Our focus on Document Management and Facilities Management products and services gives our clients the integrated solutions they require to maximize efficiency.

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