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17515 Spring Cypress Road, Suite C, #600, Cypress, TX
Company Overview


ACAD-Plus, Inc. was founded in Houston, Texas in 1986. 

ACAD-Plus develops software solutions to enhance the Autodesk products in a Facilities Management environment. Our solutions manage and graphically present vital facilities information that is easy to understand. ACAD-Plus has been a member of the Autodesk Developer Network since 1988. Our customers use ACAD-Plus solutions to manage over 400 million square feet of facilities.

ACAD-Plus also provides building survey services and creation of "as-is" floor plans. The floor plan drawings are delivered 100% ready for use within our CAFM solutions. Since 1986, ACAD-Plus has documented over 200 million square feet of facilities.

Our focus on Facilities Management products and services gives our clients the integrated solutions they require to maximize efficiency.

Please contact us to find out how we can help make your organization more efficient. We are proud of our reputation for quality products and services. We are confident that you will be impressed as well.