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ACAD-Plus Celebrates 30 Years!

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ACAD-Plus Celebrates 30 Years!

On March 15, 1986, ACAD-Plus was formed with humble beginnings. The company initially performed AutoCAD© Drafting and AutoCAD© training services to customers in the Houston area. Glenn Seehausen founded the company on a principle of helping his customers perform their jobs with maximum efficiency and skill. Glenn equipped them with the necessary tools to succeed thus allowing the customer base to quickly realize a rapid ROI for his and ACAD-Plus' efforts. Glenn quickly established several niche markets and developed add-on products to AutoCAD© to solve industry specific problems. There were solutions for Plan & Profile Drawing Automation for Civil Engineering projects [P&P Plus], Electronic Panel Distribution Automation and Documentation [EPD-Plus], Plot Plan Drawings and Lot Analysis for Home Builders [The PlotPlan Software], and Facilities Space Management [FMG-Plus]. 

In the early 1990's, ACAD-Plus partnered with Cyco Software (now BlueCielo ECM Solutions) to resell it's AutoCAD© Viewer. That led to implementing their new document management software [AutoManager]. AutoManager (now BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise) has matured over the years as has ACAD-Plus and BlueCielo. The partnership remains in tact today. ACAD-Plus has been recognized by BlueCielo as the North American Partner of the Year in 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011 and the company was awarded the Global Partner of the year in 2013.

ACAD-Plus has consulted with over 2,000 customers since inception. Today, ACAD-Plus provides best-of-class Document Management solutions in Education, Corporate, and Public Sector Facilities Management/Real Estate environments.  We excel in guiding our clients through the complete implementation process, including; needs assessment, requirements definition, configuration, integration, training, and support for the turn-key system. ACAD-Plus has implemented BlueCielo solutions for over one hundred customers since 1991. Our IntelliModules solution for BlueCielo Meridian allow us to rapidly implement the system with robust features that precisely match the unique requirements of large scale Facilities Management, including tight integration with the leading IWMS vendors (e.g. Accruent, AssetWorks, Maximo, Infor EAM, and Archibus).

ACAD-Plus also provides Autodesk© AutoCAD© and Revit© services and software solutions. ACAD-Plus has been a member of the Autodesk© Developer Network since 1988 and currently develops software solutions to enhance the Autodesk© products in a Facilities Management environment as well as solutions for Production Home Builders. Our Facilities Management solutions coordinate external facilities management and CMMS products with AutoCAD© and Revit functionality to link floor and building files to external databases and graphically present vital facilities information that is easy to understand. Our customers use ACAD-Plus solutions to manage over 400 million square feet of facilities. Our PlotPlan software offers increased productivity in plot plan production and lot fit analysis for large quantity home builders across the nation.

ACAD-Plus also provides general drafting, AutoCAD consulting and building survey services (creation of "as-built" floor plans). Since 1986, ACAD-Plus has documented over 200 million square feet of facilities and performed drafting and consulting services for some of the largest names in many industries both in the U.S. and internationally.


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