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Facilities Management Graphics Solutions
FMG-Plus allows two-way integration between facilities CAD drawings and databases containing pertinent spatial information. Database updates are made easier with visual cues from floor plans. Information within the database remains consistent with the related CAD drawings. Graphical/Thematic reports are created in seconds directly from live data within a database. Visual representation of spatial data has never looked better, been created faster, or made easier to understand.

The FMG-Plus software is an incredibly flexible and configurable platform. It is already in use by multiple CAFM systems in the Facilities Management market to integrate the facilities CAD drawings with the CAFM system database. CAFM partners, working with ACAD-Plus, may rebrand FMG-Plus to better suit their CAFM environment. The result is a beneficial two-way link allowing quick and visually confirmed spatial data to be sent to the database, as well as stunning graphic reporting directly on the client floor plan drawings.

FMG-Equipment Module
Using the FMG-Plus Equipment Module inside of AutoCAD, block data can be quickly exported from the floor plan drawings.  Each floor plan drawing is simply configured to identify the site, building, and floor designators.  This module can then export the block data in the drawings to any OLE/DB supported database.  Block names and descriptive data are easily configured as new blocks are added to the symbol library.

FMG-Graphical Report System Module
The FMG-Graphical Report System was built as an extension to FMG-Plus to automate the generation of Graphical Reports using the capabilities of your CAFM system.

FMG-Planning Module
This add-on for AutoCAD allows Space Planners to quickly experiment with room data in floor plans so they can visualize various planned scenarios. This is sometimes referred to as creating “what‑if” scenarios.  

FMG-Revit Toolset
The Revit Toolset allows customers to easily maintain buildings in both the AutoCAD and Revit worlds as they make the transition to Revit Models.
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