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The FMG-Revit Toolset is ideal for organizations that use both AutoCAD and Revit or simply receive Revit Models from AE Firms.  Research has demonstrated that most organizations will likely continue to use AutoCAD for many years (if not indefinitely), as they gradually receive new buildings or recreate existing buildings in Revit. A large percentage of buildings across the industry were documented using AutoCAD.  It will likely be many years before they are all recreated as Revit 3D models. The Revit Toolset allows customers to easily maintain buildings in both worlds as they make the transition.

Even AFTER buildings have been recreated in Revit, most organizations will likely need to maintain AutoCAD 2D floor plans of their buildings. Other departments that use the base floor plan drawings may not need or desire the overhead of using Revit.  For example, the department responsible for maintaining the Life Safety and/or Emergency Egress plans may wish to continue using AutoCAD to add their information to the base floor plans.  These organizations need a way of quickly creating AutoCAD 2D floor plans from Revit that can be used for updating their locations data and producing quality graphical thematic reports utilizing the full power of our AutoCAD Interface.  To meet these requirements, this tool automates the creation of intelligent polylines and room numbers in floor plan drawings exported from Revit.  Basically stated, a Revit exported AutoCAD drawing is automatically converted using the Revit Toolset; turning a process that would take hours into seconds. 

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